Congratulations! 👏 You must have finished your first simple project before.

Now it's time to know more about the whole ecosystem. Let's have a rough knowledge of the project structure:


SwiftIO board is our first board that could run Swift language. It is powerful enough for most of your projects, for example, light a LED, read a sensor, play music, etc. And we believe it has more potential in GUI programming. There's a long way to go.


MadMachine IDE is the integrated development environment for the project. Its usage is as simple as possible, in order to provide you guys with an easy start. What the IDE does is code editing, compilation, and download. Now, you could it on Windows or macOS.

What if you don't want to use it or would like to stick to your familiar editor? There is a command-line tool for you: mm-sdk. Edit the code wherever you like, then compile the code with this tool.

③ Framework:

SwiftIO framework is what you need in every project. You don't need to learn about low-level hardware knowledge. Just use the simple API provided in it and you could easily control the SwiftIO board.

Ok, after a basic understanding of our project, it's time to dive deeper into their specific usages: