Can't install the IDE on Win10

Windows may not recognize the IDE and there might be some problems when you install it. Windows Defender will pop up with a warning message.
First, click on the "More info".
Then more info will appear. Click "Run anyway".

Can't open IDE on Mac

When you want to open the IDE, a new window appears:
πŸ‘‡ Here comes the solution:
    click OK.
    > System Preferences
    open the Security & Privacy Preferences pane
    select the General tab
    click the πŸ”’ icon
    enter your Password
    click Unlock
    click Open Anyway
    click Open
Now the IDE can run normally.

Can't create a new project on Windows

Reason: The IDE need to copy MadMachine\Examples and MadMachine\Library to your Documents directory when running for the first time.
Solve: Please make sure to run the IDE as Administrator for the first time!

IDE can't find the USB drive

This is due to the security feature of macOS.
The latest versions of macOS introduce new security control. There are more requirements for application security.
While our board needs to manage the files on the USB driver. So you need to enable Full Disk Access for IDE.
    select System Preferences in
    Apple menu
    open the Security & Privacy Preferences pane
    select the Privacy tab
    click Full Disk Access in the left column
    click the πŸ”’ icon
    enter your Password
    click Unlock
    click the icon +
    click Application
    find the MadMachine
    click Open
    click Quit Now
Now you can try to download your project again.

SwiftIO board reset repeatedly

There is a maximum current limit for the USB port of your devices.
While some modules which are connected to the board may require a larger one.
Thus the board reset over and over again.
You can try these ways:
1 connect the board to the USB port that can output larger power.β€Œ
2 connect both download port and serial port on the board to USB ports
3 use a power bank to supply the board

USB driver can't be mounted

This problem may be caused by these reasons
    Bad quality USB cable, there are so many bad quality USB cables in the market. Some of them can only charge your device without communication feature : (
    Incompatible MicroSD card
    Incompatible USB hub or incompatible USB-C to USB-A adapter
    There is a known issue with USB compatibility on Mac. There are already a lot of discussions about it on Reddit, apple.
To solve problems 1 and 2, we offer a high-quality USB cable and a Kingston microSD card along with our board. But we still got feedback that the USB drive did not appear. In this situation, there is a temporary solution: use a USB card reader to copy the swiftio.bin. At the same time, we’ll continue to improve the compatibility of the firmware.
Last modified 4mo ago